Student Support


CUNY Emergency Support and Resources

Hunter College is dedicated to the health, wellness and safety of our student body. Visit the Emergency Support and Resources page for emergency resources that are open and available to all currently enrolled students; if they are relevant to your situation, we urge you to make use of them.

CUNY Crisis Text Support

CUNY Crisis Text line provides immediate access to free 24/7, confidential counseling for students. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor.

Hunter College Concern Procedures

Hunter College is committed to treating all students fairly and respectfully. The College recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise and requests that the parties involved resolve conflicts informally whenever possible. Students are encouraged to speak directly with the person or department with whom they have a concern and work together toward a resolution.

For concerns on the grade appeal process and special circumstances, please review the Appeals, Special Circumstances and Transcript Requests page for information.

Undocumented Student Support

As the nation’s largest urban public university system, CUNY is dedicated to educating and advocating for the immigrant students and families of our city and state. In addition to supportive measures on the Hunter College Emergency Support and Resources page, please also review resources on the CUNY Undocumented Student Support page.

Hunter College Welfare Rights Initiative

Welfare Rights Initiative (WRI) is a grassroots student advocacy and community leadership training organization, located at Hunter College, City University of New York. WRI organizes Hunter with firsthand experience of poverty to create and defend fair and just policies for all CUNY students. WRI exemplifies a democratic and inclusive process in its work to create economic stability, empowerment and dignity for all families. We believe families receiving welfare should not have to choose between their survival and a chance to lift themselves and their children to higher ground through higher education.

AANAP Hunter College AANAPISI Project (HCAP)

The Hunter College AANAPISI Project (HCAP) was created to support the enrollment, retention, graduation, and overall success of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and other high-need students.

HCAP provides multilingual learner, mental health, leadership, financial literacy and research training programs that engage students in connecting to their identities and purpose, while building a deeper sense of community. HCAP also bridges students to the existing network of resources and services at Hunter College and engages faculty and staff in professional development on the needs of AAPI and other underserved students.

Interested in learning more about HCAP? Subscribe to the HCAP Newsletter and Connect with HCAP Staff on the HCAP Website. For more information on HCAP Mental Health Counseling support, you may also connect with Dr. Marcia Liu, HCAP Mental Health Specialist, at

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