Student Concerns and Emergencies


Hunter College is committed to treating all students fairly and respectfully. The College recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise and requests that the parties involved resolve conflicts informally whenever possible. Students are encouraged to speak directly with the person or department with whom they have a concern and work together toward a resolution.

If needed, the concern can be raised to the School of Education level by emailing the Office of Academic & Student Affairs at The communication should outline any steps you have taken to resolve the concern up until the time of the message.

For concerns on the grade appeal process and special circumstances, please review the Appeals, Special Circumstances and Transcript Requests page for information.

Concern Procedures

Emergency Support and Resources

Hunter College is dedicated to the health, wellness and safety of our student body. Visit the Emergency Support and Resources page for emergency resources that are open and available to all currently enrolled students; if they are relevant to your situation, we urge you to make use of them.