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Registering For Courses In CUNYfirst

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Issues with Registration

Having issues registering for classes using CUNYfirst? The following are common reasons and solutions that can help you solve your registration issue.

Issues locating a class in CUNYfirst

  • Possibility # 1: You are searching for a specific class on CUNYfirst and only put the first 3 numbers. For example, when searching for CEDF 709, please enter “70900” under “Course number.”
  • Possibility # 2: The class is full and your CUNYfirst Class Search has the box “Show Open Classes Only” checked. Please uncheck this box to review closed classes and classes operating on a waitlist.
  • Possibility # 3: You are searching for the class under the incorrect prefix or course subject. For example: BILED, HED, and SPEDE, are listed as “Education – BILED”, “Education – HED”, and “Education – SPEDE”
  • Possibility # 4: The class is not offered in that particular term/semester. Solution: Review your course sequence via your individual program’s academic home page via the Graduate Academics page or the Undergraduate Academics page to to verify whether you should be/can complete the class in the upcoming term and contact your Faculty Advisor with questions/concerns.