Rehabilitation Counseling


The Rehabilitation Counseling program prepares you to assist people with disabilities to realize personal goals and maximize their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and vocational potential. Rehabilitation counselors work with youth and adults in a variety of community-based settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, colleges, chemical dependency agencies and career/vocational counseling programs. While in the program, you may take the national certification examination for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) status after completing 75% of their coursework.

Credits: 60

Certification/Licensure: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 2.7
  • 15-25 credits of approved courses from the following fields: anthropology, economics, education, guidance, health sciences, political science, psychology, sociology, and related areas
  • Evidence of oral and written expression consonant with graduate-level study
  • Two letters of recommendation from appropriate professional or academic references to aid in determining potential for work as a professional counselor
  • Relevant work and/or volunteer experience is highly recommended
  • A statement of purpose that addresses the following prompt: Please describe a meaningful event that has shaped your interest in becoming a counselor and explain why it was important.
  • An additional, supplemental essay (400-600 words) addressing the following prompt:  Consider you are a counseling student providing services at a counseling internship placement site, what type of client or client issue would be difficult for you and why? How do you think you would cope with this situation?

To Apply

Applications are accepted each Fall and Spring semester. Begin your application.

When applying to this program, under Program of Study, select School of Education – Other Programs and Rehabilitation Counseling.

Contact an Admissions Advisor

Faculty Program Coordinator

John P. Keegan

Counseling Programs Administrative Advisor

Valerie Lyons