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NYC MEN TEACH was created to improve the diversity of the NYC teaching workforce. This initiative is a partnership between the mayor’s office, CUNY, the New York City Department of Education (DOE), and New York City’s “Young Men’s Initiative” (YMI).

This initiative aims to address the large gap between the diversity in the NYC student population and the teacher population, especially among minority male teachers. Reports by the New York Department of Education have revealed that while 45% of students are males of color, only 7% of the teachers are men of color. NYC Men Teach seeks to address this by putting an additional 1,000 minority males on course to be teachers in NYC Public schools over the next three years.

Hunter College’s School of Education has a proud tradition of producing strong teachers and school leaders in public schools in NYC and across the nation. The NYC Men Teach initiative will continue this tradition by providing academic and financial support to teacher candidates. This initiative will also offer workshops, social events, certification preparation, career planning, and networking opportunities to ensure students successfully become teachers.


  • Currently enrolled CUNY student
  • Enrolled or intending to enroll in teacher education program
  • Minimum of 45 credits completed (undergrad) or currently enrolled in graduate teacher education program
  • Pursuing or intent to pursue first, initial certification
  • Academically qualified with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and currently in good academic standing
  • Demonstrated commitment to working in urban communities
  • Future commitment to working/teaching in high-needs urban school district

Enrolled CUNY students who do not meet the full criteria should still apply, and may be accepted as a “pipeline” student.

If you are eligible, you can apply to NYC Men Teach.

Program Benefits

The Hunter School of Education will support students in the NYC Men Teach initiative by providing a variety of resources and services.

Financial Support

Students have many additional expenses outside of tuition. These resources will help offset some of those costs and will ease some of the financial burden that teacher candidates incur before entering the classroom.

We will provide to NYC Men Teach students accepted in the program category here at Hunter:

  • Monthly metrocards (during the Fall & Spring semesters)
  • Voucher for the Educating All Students (EAS) certification exam plus one voucher for the EAS practice test
  • Voucher for the Content Specialty Test (CST) certification exam
  • Voucher for the edTPA
  • Voucher for the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop

Eligible anchors may request a voucher and submit a Voucher Acceptance Form.

Academic Support

We are available to help students pursue their goal of academic success.

Academic advisement will include developing academic and personal goals, course scheduling, tracking academic progress, and addressing academic challenges. Students will also receive assistance with certification preparation.

Student Support

Students will be supported in their efforts to be effective teachers by programming that couples theory with real-world understanding and application. We will provide career development for teacher job opportunities and help students match their interests for placement with prospective schools. A host of teacher development workshops will be offered that will cover a range of topics like, culturally responsive teaching and empowering NYC youth. Other supports will include, faculty mentoring and alumni networking. Also, we encourage a community of scholars where student participants support each other and assist future prospective students enter and complete teacher education programs. Peer mentoring opportunities will also be available.

  • Career Development and Planning for Teacher Job Opportunities
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Teacher Preparation Workshops and Seminars
  • Alumni Networking


NYC Men Teach Application

Application Deadline

The Fall 2020 application deadline is September 9, 2020.

Contact NYC Men Teach at Hunter

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Gaines

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