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Part of the Young Men’s Initiative, NYC Men Teach is a partnership between the Office of the Mayor, the New York City Department of Education and the City University of New York which aims to improve the diversity of the NYC teaching workforce by adding 1,000 male teachers of color into the teacher pipeline, a goal it surpassed by 2018. NYC Men Teach at CUNY builds upon our commitment to educate and support students in urban schools, and highlights the importance of deep clinical, culturally-relevant and restorative practice.

In addition to recruiting additional men of color and the differing perspectives they bring to our students and staff, NYC Men Teach builds individual leadership capacity and promotes educator effectiveness through professional development, personal growth, and a village of support to help male educators of color thrive and stay in the profession.

Hunter College’s School of Education has a proud tradition of producing strong teachers and school leaders in public schools in NYC and across the nation. The NYC Men Teach initiative continues this tradition.


CUNY is seeking eligible applicants with a desire to:

  • Educate the next generation of leaders
  • Engage with classrooms and communities with cultural relevancy
  • Empower young people by reflecting their value in the classroom and to the city

In order to be eligible for this program, applicants typically meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled CUNY Student who is accepted into, or intends to apply to, a CUNY Teacher Education program
    Interested in a degree program to become a certified teacher in New York State
  • Academically qualified with a minimum 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Experience working/volunteering in urban communities
  • Committed to working/teaching in a New York City public school
  • Have already completed 12 credits toward an associate degree or 24 credits toward a bachelor’s degree, or be currently enrolled in a CUNY graduate teacher education program

Enrolled CUNY students who do not meet the full criteria should still apply, and may be accepted as a “pipeline” student with at least a 2.75 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).


The Spring 2024 application for NYC Men Teach is open through Tuesday, February 13, 2024 and a complete application includes the following:

  • A completed online application form
  • An unofficial transcript from your current CUNY College which will be uploaded in the online application
  • Response to two short answer questions. It is strongly suggested that you proofread your responses before submitting it. Ask someone you trust, like a professor or adviser, to help you make your application the best it can be

Program Benefits

The Hunter School of Education provides students in the NYC Men Teach initiative with academic and financial support with the goal of supporting them through the certification and hiring process so they can enter the New York City teaching workforce as effective urban educators.

Academic Support

Participants work with dedicated program manager Jonathan Gaines who helps with advisement and academics supports.
Academic advisement will include developing academic and personal goals, course scheduling, tracking academic progress, and addressing academic challenges. Students will also receive assistance with certification preparation.

Financial Support

Students have many additional expenses outside of tuition. NYC Men Teach provides participants in good standing with monthly metrocards and vouchers for teacher certification exams and workshops in an effort to ease some of the financial burdens that teacher candidates incur before entering the classroom. In addition, NYC Men Teach also provides book and fingerprint fee vouchers.


We provide NYC Men Teach participants in good standing with a monthly unlimited MetroCard during the fall and spring semester. MetroCards for NYC Men Teach participants taking classes during the winter and summer session may be provided on a case by case basis.

Certification Exams and Workshop Vouchers

We provide fee waivers for the following certification exams and workshops once per academic year (July through June) to NYC Men Teach participants in good standing:

  • Voucher for the Educating all Students (EAS) practice test
  • Voucher for the Educating All Students (EAS) certification exam
  • Voucher for the Content Specialty Test (CST) certification exam
  • Voucher for the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop
  • Voucher for Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills—Written (ATS-W)
Certification and Exams Vouchers Request Forms

NYC Men Teach participants must submit one NYC Men Teach Voucher Request Form per request. Please submit with advanced notice.

Book and Fingerprint Vouchers

NYC Men Teach also provides book and fingerprint fee vouchers.

Financial Support Eligibility

Please note, financial support is provided to eligible NYC Men Teach participants in good standing. To remain eligible to receive the monthly MetroCard and certification exams and workshops vouchers, participants must maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), maintain counselor appointments and attend NYC Men Teach events.

Pipeline students are not eligible for financial support. However, pipeline students may have their status changed after:

  • Completing a semester in good standing
  • Participating in events
  • Raising their Grade Point Average (GPA) to 3.0 or better
  • Declaring a major or minor in education
  • Applying for a teacher alternative certification program or acceptance into one

Student Support

Students are supported in their efforts to be effective teachers by programming that couples theory with real-world understanding and application. We provide:

  • career development and planning for teacher job opportunities with the support of the Office of Career, Partnership, and Professional Development
  • teacher preparation workshops and seminars that cover a range of topics like culturally responsive teaching and empowering New York City youth
  • faculty mentoring
  • alumni networking
  • peer mentoring

NYC Men Teach Ambassador Services

NYC Men Teach offers hiring, certification, and application support for those who are at any point in the application or hiring process. Our trained Ambassadors, who are all current teachers, are ready to support NYC Men Teach participants on their pathway into the classroom.

Program Participation

NYC Men Teach participants, both program and pipeline students, maintain active participation in the program by meeting with Program Manager Jonathan Gaines and attending activities aligned with the NYC Men Teach mission and student development goals

Hunter College Personal and Professional Development Events

Hunter College NYC Men Teach program has built a partnership with various programs and departments on campus. Events on various topics will help participants with their social, personal and professional development

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