Adolescent Chinese (BA)


Course of Study

The BA program in Adolescent Teaching Languages Other Than English leads to initial certification as a teacher in New York State.

The undergraduate programs in adolescent education are designed to prepare prospective teachers to serve as high-quality educators for students in urban secondary schools. Teacher candidates will take a specified sequence of education courses in addition to fulfilling the CUNY Common Core Requirement and the requirements of their liberal arts or sciences major. These programs include fieldwork in New York City Public schools.

The Education course of study is a 27-credit sequence that students usually complete over four semesters in addition to the major in the subject they plan to teach.

For a full list of requirements, progress standards, and exit requirements consult the Hunter College Course Catalog and Graduation Checklist.

Course Catalog

Adolescent Teaching Languages Other than English (BA)

Graduation Checklist

Adolescent Teaching Languages Other than English (BA)