Nora Aboali

Doctoral Lecturer


Dr. Nora Aboali is a Doctoral Lecturer and faculty member. She is also proudly a former New York City (NYC) public school teacher, specializing for over a decade in race and gender studies curricula in humanities classrooms. They were also a Restorative Justice coordinator for theĀ  New York City (NYC) Department of Education. Dr. Aboali holds a PhD from Columbia University, Teachers College in New York City, where they were an adjunct faculty member in the English Education program. Teachers College is also where she obtained her first Masters in Education, specializing in critical theories (feminist, racial, post-colonial, U.S. empire/imperial, etc.) as they apply to English education and education, writ large. She also holds a second Master’s from Columbia University in Philosophy. Dr. Aboali was formerly invited as Artist in Residence at The Institute for Urban and Minority Education, where they wrote two evening length plays under the mentorship of Dr. Ernest Morrell, former Director of NCTE. She received her teaching artist training from the prestigious Lincoln Center. As a first generation queer, Arab, Muslim, Dr. Aboali is also a Northern California native, born in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the author of A Banned Identity: Explorations of Muslim Youth in the United States Schools.

  • PhD, English Education, Columbia University