Visual Impairment – Rehabilitation Teaching (MSEd)


Welcome to the Visual Impairment – Rehabilitation Teaching (MSEd) program home page. Use this page as a guide to the program from acceptance to graduation.

Academic Plan


Total Credits

Earn at least 40 credits


  • L. Beth Brady, Faculty Advisor (on leave Spring 2024)
    • Contact Linda Fugate, VRT Curriculum Director, at
  • Caitlin Graham, Project Assistant,
  • Valerie J. Lyons, Administrative Advisor

Newly Accepted Students

Program Sequences

Consult the program sequence for a suggested order of courses for the program based on start date. It also includes when to take certification exams and apply for clinical experiences in addition to other important non-course requirements. For technical registration support and troubleshooting, please visit the Register for Classes page.

Hunter College Catalog

To review descriptions of specific courses and academic progress standards for the program along with exit requirements please use the course catalog for the year you were admitted to the program.

Clinical Experiences

Students in the Visual Impairment – Rehabilitation Teaching (MSEd) program participate in developmental field experiences (fieldwork), and two semesters of internship.


Fieldwork is a classroom experience in a New York City Public School in conjunction with a course.


All students participate in internship hours as the culmination of your course of study. Students who complete all required courses with a grade of “B” or higher are eligible to register for Rehabilitation Teaching and Orientation and Mobility internship courses. The following two courses are required in the same semester students are completing internship hours at a vision rehabilitation agency:

  • SPED 763
  • SPED 764

Certification and Licensure

The Visual Impairment – Rehabilitation Teaching (MSEd) program prepares candidates for national certification from the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals as vision rehabilitation therapists (VRTs) and certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMS). This program does not lead to NYS teacher certification.

Visit the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals for certification requirements and procedures.


Graduation is the official completion of your program and conferral of an academic degree. In order to graduate, students must apply for graduation using CUNYFirst the semester before the semester of their planned graduation and complete any outstanding requirements by the stated deadlines. Visit the Graduation and Commencement page for complete information.

Program Related Events