Literacy Education – Grades 5-12 (MSEd)


Welcome to the Literacy Education – Grades 5-12 (MSEd) program home page. Use this page as a guide to the program from acceptance to graduation.

This program is designed for teachers with NYS certification in Middle Childhood (grades 5-9) and adolescent (grades 7-12) content teachers to become teachers of literacy and reading at the middle and secondary school levels.

Academic Plan


Total Credits

Earn at least 31 credits

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Program Values

The mission of the Hunter College School of Education Literacy Program is to prepare literacy teachers and leaders who work in Birth through Grade 12 school communities. Our goal is to ensure that our literacy teachers and leaders provide equitable access to curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are aligned to their students’ histories, literacies, communities, and identities (Muhammad). We are an evolving program that is responsive to sociopolitical and sociocultural contexts, continually reflecting on the needs of our literacy teachers and taking action to best serve their interests and needs. Throughout the duration of their program, literacy teachers and leaders will work towards…

Program Sequences

Program sequences provide a suggested order of courses for the program based on start date. It also includes when to take certification exams and apply for clinical experiences in addition to other important non-course requirements. For technical registration support and troubleshooting, please visit the Register for Classes page.

Hunter College Catalog

To review descriptions of specific courses and academic progress standards for the program along with exit requirements please use the course catalog for the year you were admitted to the program.

Clinical Experiences

Students in the Literacy Education – Grades 5-12 (MSEd) program participate in developmental field experiences (fieldwork), and supervised teaching (practicum).


Fieldwork is a classroom experience in a New York City Public School in conjunction with a course. Select courses have fieldwork requirements.

Supervised Teaching: Practicum

All students participate in practicum as part of their course of study. Students are observed by Hunter College Clinical Supervisors throughout the semester both in an onsite learning lab and in their current jobs if it is aligned with their pending certification/area of study.

Professional Teaching Portfolio (ePortfolio)

The Professional Teaching Portfolio (ePortfolio) is an additional requirement of the Literacy Education – Grades 5-12 (MSEd) program for graduation.

The Professional Teaching Portfolio (ePortfolio) is a collection of authentic, learner-specific artifacts that give evidence of student competence in meeting International Reading Association (IRA) standards, as well as, growth and accomplishment as a learner, literacy teacher and educator.

The Professional Teaching Portfolio provides a space and structure to reflect—watching over your learning, and gaining better understanding of yourself as a learner, teacher and thinker. Students integrate knowledge and learning between and among courses, between theory and practice, and between graduate classrooms and classrooms in which students teach.

The Professional Teaching Portfolio provides not only a holistic picture of student learning progression, but also a platform for mentoring, allowing the literacy faculty to get to know students better as a learner outside individual courses.


Graduation is the official completion of your program and conferral of an academic degree. In order to graduate, students must apply for graduation using CUNYFirst the semester before the semester of their planned graduation and complete any outstanding requirements by the stated deadlines. Visit the Graduation and Commencement page for complete information.

Certification and Licensure

This program leads to New York State certification in Literacy Grades 5-12. Students must wait to apply for certification until they receive an email from the School of Education indicating their recommendation has been entered. This usually occurs six to eight week’s after the conferral of your degree.

Types of Certification

Students are recommended for both initial and professional certification:

  • The Initial Certificate is the entry-level teaching certificate and is valid for five years. Students who graduate from a Hunter master’s degree certification program without prior certification will be recommended for initial certification.
  • The Professional Certificate is an advanced certificate. Once teachers have completed three years of full-time, paid teaching experience including one year of mentored teaching, they can apply for professional certification.

Application Checklist

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