Internship Certificate


Internship Certification for Graduate Teacher, Leader and School Counseling Students

The Internship Certificate allows a teacher or educational leadership candidate to serve as a teacher or leader of record while completing the master’s degree program. The Internship Certificate is reserved for graduate teacher or leader education students who meet certain New York State Education Department (NYSED) and Hunter College School of Education requirements.

In order to obtain an Internship Certificate, students must:

  • be matriculated into a Hunter College School of Education graduate teacher, leader or school counseling program.
  • have completed at least 50% of their Hunter College School of Education program.
  • maintain fingerprint clearance.
  • be currently employed by a New York State public school or receive an employment offer from a New York State public school that requires certification in their pending certification area. You do not need an employment offer to complete the interest form.
  • have completed all required workshops for pending certification – the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop, School Violence Prevention and Intervention workshop and Child Abuse Identification workshop.
  • be supervised by Hunter College Faculty in a final Supervised Teaching Course or Internship Certificate Course. Supervision for employment outside of New York City may not be possible, programs differ in terms of capacity to provide supervision outside of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Important Information for Students in Dual Certification Special Education Programs

Dual certificate special education candidates may only receive an internship certificate in Students with Disabilities.

Important Information for Students in the Adolescent Math Programs

For Adolescent Math Graduate and Advanced Certificate programs, employment offers must require students to teach at least 60% math courses. Teaching computer science and technology courses do not qualify for an internship certificate in Adolescent Mathematics.

Application Instructions and Deadlines


  1. Complete 50% of the credits in your program.
  2. Complete the Internship Certificate Interest form.



Internship Certificate Interest form must be submitted by August 15th.


Internship Certificate Interest form must be submitted by January 15th.

Internship Certification Cancellation

You must be enrolled in a practicum course and be supervised by a faculty member of the Hunter School of Education during each semester that you hold the Internship Certificate. Your Internship Certification will be canceled upon graduation or for failure to enroll in a Practicum or Internship Certificate course.

Questions and Support

For students seeking support in identifying an employment opportunity and updating their cover letter and resume, please contact School of Education Career, Professional and Partnership Development at

For questions on the Internship Certificate process, please contact Robin O’Leary in the Office of Clinical Experiences at

Please include your EmplID in all of your correspondences.