School of Education Fieldwork Policy


The following Fieldwork Requirements and Procedures (“the Procedures”) are established by the Hunter College (“the College”) School of Education (“SOE”) to ensure productive and safe learning experiences for teacher candidates enrolled in SOE fieldwork placement programs and effective service for the schools and community agencies participating in those programs. A SOE teacher candidate’s conduct in these programs demonstrates to the College the teacher candidate’s ability to earn the College’s recommendation for National and State-wide professional licensure or certification.

Fieldwork Placement

The Office of Clinical Experiences (“OCE”) places teacher candidates for fieldwork intensive courses. Each SOE program has established procedures for making those placements, which may vary from program to program. A SOE teacher candidate enrolled within a program is responsible for learning and following the procedures applicable to his or her program. In addition, the teacher candidate must ensure that he or she:

  • completes the required placement forms, applications, site selection processes, prerequisite coursework, and/or contracts before the established due dates; and
  • meets the standards for continued acceptance at the placement site.

Moreover, a teacher candidate who intends to participate in a fieldwork placement program must exhibit professional behavior. Failure to behave in a professional manner may result in the denial or denial of a fieldwork placement pursuant to the processes stated below.

Student Teaching Attendance Policy

  • Student teachers are allowed two absences over the course of their student teaching placement that do not have to be made up.
  • A student who exceeds (or plans to exceed) two absences must be in contact with their Clinical Placement Specialist  (CPS) as soon as possible, and should provide documentation regarding the matter.  The CPS will work with the program coordinator and other academic leadership to assess the viability of continuing in student teaching and with what adjustments to the normal scheduled placement.
  • If your absence is COVID related, Hunter will work with you to the extent possible to facilitate the completion of your Student Teaching.

Procedurally, If a student is going to be absent from student teaching, please call and/or email your cooperating teacher/school ASAP to let them know, keeping your Clinical Placement Specialist aware so that we can ensure student success in the placement, the related coursework, and the required experience to ensure certification will be issued by NYSED.

Addressing Problems during the Fieldwork Placement

Different Scenarios for Dismissal from the SOE and applicable Procedures

The Appeals Process

A teacher candidate who wishes to appeal an adverse decision under these procedures, may submit a timely written appeal to the Provost of Hunter College, stating reasons for his/her appeal. The Provost will decide the appeal within a reasonable time period and this decision will be the final decision by the College.


  • Updated September 24, 2018
  • Attendance Policy Added February 1, 2022