For Students Working with Video


Beginning in January 2019, two new policies have been put into place, which are described in the Securing Consent and FERPA Compliance for Videos of Practice and which are highlighted below.

Updated Video Consent Form Policy and Procedure

First, any video recording that takes place for Hunter School of Education coursework—in public or private schools, community-based settings, early care settings, etc.—must be done after parental/guardian consent is obtained using our new Hunter College SOE permission forms.

Online consent forms are now an option in place of using paper.  Take a look at these instructions for creating an online form using our template, and contact us for additional assistance.  Be sure you download the completed spreadsheet after you’ve collected all “signatures” and retain for 3 years in your records.

New York City Department of Education media release forms are no longer acceptable.

It is the responsibility of faculty and supervisors to require this and to remind teacher candidates of this responsibility, and of teacher candidates to secure these consent forms. Please note, for student teachers, there are additional consent forms for the cooperating teacher and for edTPA.

Video Recording Remote Teaching

If you are planning to record a remote teaching lesson (a synchronous class held on Google Meet or Zoom), please use the following guidelines and suggestions:

  • Secure guardian/parental permission using the protocol above
  • Utilize the internal “record” feature built into your synchronous online meeting platform or screencasting tool to capture the on-screen interactions
  • Place the saved video file in the Hunter SOE Google Drive using the same protocols as for other video
  • If you do not have permission to show a student(s) face, ask them to turn off their cameras or contact the Frankfort Center for assistance in obscuring them
  • Remember that what takes place in the breakout room will not be captured in the recording

Updated Video Storage and Sharing Policy and Procedure

Second, all video records that are to be stored and shared for Hunter College School of Education coursework must only be uploaded to our secure server via a single portal, which you can only access when logged into a Google account.

No videos are to be stored or shared via personal Gmail accounts, Dropbox, Youtube, the School of Education Digication site, VAT or any other cloud server.

Please note, these updated protocols are done to ensure privacy for all the students with whom we work, a legal right protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Thank you for your careful attention to these critical policies that protect our K-12 students and our teacher candidates.

Questions and Concerns

For questions, please contact the Frankfort Center or visit our page for more information.