5 months ago

Celebrating Scholarship and Teaching

On Wednesday, November 29th, the School of Education held its annual celebration of faculty scholarship and teaching, and awarded the Harold S. Ladas Award for Exemplary Teaching.

The Ladas Award has been given annually since 1990 in honor of the late Dr. Harold S. Ladas, whose “Ladas Model of Teaching” is the basis for the selection of the recipients. Throughout his career at Hunter College, Professor Ladas studied the research literature about successful teachers and successful teaching. He tried to integrate it with both theory and research about the learning process, and to apply his findings to his own teaching. He did this in two ways: first, by trying to demonstrate what he believed to be the best teaching, and second, by requiring that his students learn the skills, concepts, and principles of teaching and learning that he presented. He hoped that they in turn would apply these in their own classes.

Acting Dean Jennifer Tuten and the Curriculum and Teaching Department Chair, Timothy Farnsworth, were honored to present the award this year to Drs. Nicora Placa and Kathryn Ahmed who were selected based on their excellent classroom observations and student evaluations.

In addition to the Ladas Award, faculty were celebrated for their book publications from the past year:

  • Lacey Peters, et. al., Editor, Transforming Early Years Policy in the US
  • Nicora Placa, 6 Tools for Collaborative Mathematics Coaching
  • Anthony Picciano, et. al., Editor, Data Analytics and Adaptive Learning
  • Nell Scharff Panero, Co-Author, Sentence Strategies for Multilingual Learners


Dean Tuten poses with the Ladas Award Recipients on November 29, 2023.

Dean Tuten (center) poses with the Ladas Award Recipients.