Lacey Peters

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Assistant Professor
by appointment

Lacey Peters is an assistant professor of early childhood education at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Professor Peters is an advocate for children’s rights-based research, emphasizing the perspectives of younger people in her scholarship. In addition, she follows various lines of inquiry with the intention of bringing together the pedagogical, programmatic, and political aspects of early childhood. As such, her research interests examine the viewpoints and decision-making processes of parents and other family members, as well as early childhood professionals. She is currently working on a project that foregrounds Universal PreKindergarten teachers’ perspectives on using authentic assessment systems.


Arizona State University, PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education


ECC 300 – Early Childhood Programs and Curricular Frameworks
ECC 304 – Creative Arts and Play-based Learning
ECC 703 – Early Childhood Curriculum, Birth through Grade 2
ECC 720 – Integrative Seminar in Early Childhood

Dr. Peters also coordinates the early childhood clinical experiences. She has facilitated the undergraduate fieldwork experiences, as well as taught and supervised across the graduate clinical experiences (ECC 712, ECC 716, ECC 717, and ECC 718)


My research agenda allows me to work in collaboration with children and adults to promote their voices and perspectives. My scholarship to date spans three different but interrelated focus areas. I have presented on and published findings from studies that foreground children’s voices, the views and perspectives of teachers, and that examine the implications of accountability systems that aim to increase the quality of early childhood education.


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Case Studies on Authentic Assessment in UPK Citywide: Perspectives on Utility, Fidelity, and Applications to Practice Project, Foundation for Child Development