Creative Arts Education


Creative Arts Education at Hunter College enables artists and art educators to share their creative passions with the next generation. Students receive individualized guidance from premier arts and education faculty, developing practical classroom teaching skills alongside a foundation in pedagogical theory. Field placements in New York City public schools provide hands-on training in the use of arts education to foster intellectual and social growth. Graduates are able to build effective curricula and engage a diverse range of students in the areas of music, visual arts, and, most recently, dance.

With its culturally rich location, Creative Arts Education produces well-rounded experts in both subject area and pedagogy. Intensive faculty attention, high certification rates, and curricula emphasizing diversity and critical thinking equip new and current arts educators to succeed in traditional and emergent educational contexts. Graduates compete successfully for teaching and related positions in- and out-of-state, as well as internationally.

Programs in Creative Arts Education include: