Frankfort Center for Learning Technologies

The Frankfort Center for Learning and Scholarly Technologies advances the needs of students, faculty and staff at the School of Education by supporting the integration and exploration of technology across the curriculum and in research. Technology is meant to enrich learning and help students develop important transferable skills, but should not become a roadblock to learning. We provide an array of services to support the planning, implementation and utilization of technology including:
  • Providing opportunities to explore the use of prevailing and emerging technologies for teaching & learning
  • Designing and developing customized pedagogical strategies and solutions using technology
  • Assisting with implementation and evaluation of technology-enriched courses
  • Offering learning experiences for faculty, staff and students to develop skills in digital pedagogy
  • Providing support for the use of academic technology

The Frankfort Center has an array of workshops and support resources for students, faculty, and staff. Online, one-on-one, or small group consultations are also available, please contact Kenny Hirschmann or Dermot Foley.

Student Support

Faculty and Staff Support



E613 (6th floor of the main library in the Bobbie and Lew Frankfort Education Library area)
Office hours: Monday – Thursday 11am- 7pm

W943 Satellite Office


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