3 years ago

Intersectionality in Education: A New Book by Jen Samson

Jennifer F. Samson’s new co-edited book with Wendy Cavendish titled “Intersectionality in Education: Toward More Equitable Policy, Research, and Practice” will be published by Teacher College Press this April. The book presents a framework for addressing intersectionality within educational spaces to combat the cumulative effects of systemic marginalization due to race, gender, disability, class, sexual orientation, and other identity-based labels. Readers can use the framework to consider the impact of identities that individuals adopt or are assigned, move beyond discrete subgroup labels, and fully consider how such markers impact how education policy and research are developed, enacted, and experienced. The text presents examples of existing systems (education, law, medicine, and juvenile justice) as experienced by individuals with intersectional social identities. Each chapter provides an innovative framework that highlights diverse ways of knowing, generating insights that can inform more equitable policy analysis, research, and practice.

The book is available for preorder via the Teacher College Press website.

Cover art by Hunter College Professor (Ret.) David Connor.

Jennifer F. Samson is an Associate Professor of Special Education at the School of Education.

“The nine chapters in this book will have your head reeling with insights that you may never have considered but that, once you have, help you understand how very logical they are when viewed through an intersectional paradigm. Here, there is something for everyone interested in delving more deeply into what it means to use intersectionality as a lens to understand individuals as well as systems.”
—From the Foreword by Sonia Nieto