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Lesson Planning Workshop 2

Sun, Apr 30 2023 11:00am-12:00pm

Lesson planning starts with beliefs, thoughts and values. How do those beliefs, thoughts and values shape the lesson plan? How do we design meaningful student-centered lessons?

In this workshop, the craft of lesson planning will be discussed.


  • Intentionality: thinking, dreaming, mapping in your mind.
  • Knowledge of Learners: relevance, responsiveness, readiness.
  • The Tools – Essential Elements of Lesson Planning: what teachers need to navigate lesson planning (standards, assessment, component parts of a plan).
  • Moving in the Right Direction: active engagement, restorative thinking and power practices.
  • Planning for 21st century Learning

Facilitated by Liz Klein.

“Don’t just meet students where they are, take them to where you want them to go” (Klein, E., 2022)


Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students