Yonkers Teacher Academy – Adolescent Special Education (MSEd)


Welcome to the Yonkers Teacher Academy home page. Use this page as a guide to the program from acceptance to graduation.

Yonkers Teacher Academy is a 2-year Master’s program to prepare adolescent Special Education teachers to work in Yonkers Public Schools and earn New York State certification. Candidates are employed in Yonkers Public Schools as full-time teachers for the duration of their Master’s program under Trans B certification; upon successful completion of the program, candidates receive a Master’s degree from Hunter College and are eligible for initial certification. Tuition is subsidized by Yonkers Public Schools.

Academic Plan


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Newly Accepted Partnership Program Students

Program Sequence

The program advisor will notify students of their cohort’s particular course of study before registering for classes. Program sequence is subject to change. To view course descriptions, progress standards and exit requirements visit the catalog.

Clinical Experiences

Certification and Licensure

Yonkers Teacher Academy is a New York State certification program for Adolescent Special Education. You will apply for your certification through the New York State Education Department (NYSED) TEACH Online Services.

You will apply for a Transitional B certificate at the beginning of the program and the Initial Certificate upon graduation.

Once you have completed three years of full-time paid teaching experience, you can also apply for the Professional Certificate.

New For Students with Disabilities 7-12 Certification Generalists candidates/teachers who are teaching or seek to teach in a self-contained classroom:

  • Effective July 1, 2021, all special education teachers who teach one or more subject areas in a special class (self-contained class) in grades 7-12, with some or no students under alternate assessment, must either: be certified in each subject area that they teach, or meet the teaching experience requirement for the statement of continued eligibility (SOCE) and have an active SOCE application in the TEACH online system in each subject area that they teach. A students with disabilities generalist grades 7-12 teacher can teach as a Consultant Teacher, Resource Room Teacher, Integrated Co-Teacher, or Special Class Teacher – All Students Under Alternate Assessment.
  • If you have 18 credits in biology, chemistry, earth science, English, math, physics, social studies, or a language, you can apply for a subject area extension. If you have a total of 18 credits (undergraduate and/or graduate) in one of those subjects or wish to gain additional credits, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor to determine next steps – select certification and licensure advising from the list.
  • Read the full New York State Education Department (NYSED) regulation.

Please note, the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) will no longer be a certification requirement as of April 27, 2022. Visit the Certification and Licensure page for more information regarding this change.


Graduation is the official completion of your program and conferral of an academic degree. In order to graduate, students must apply for graduation using CUNYFirst the semester before the semester of their planned graduation and complete any outstanding requirements by the stated deadlines. Visit the Graduation and Commencement page for complete information.