Peggy P. Chen

Picture of Peggy P. Chen

Associate Professor
  • B.A. in Psychology, Purdue University
  • M.S. in Educational Psychology, Purdue University
  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, the Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Chen teaches at Hunter and the Graduate Center. She has been teaching a number of undergraduate, master’s-level, and doctoral-level courses in educational psychology, history and systems of psychology, classroom assessment, program evaluation, and research methodology.


Dr. Chen conducts research with learners and teachers. She has been examining various processes involved in self-regulated learning (SRL), particularly students’ metacognitive monitoring and strategy uses while engaged in academic tasks. Most of her research in students’ SRL has been in the content of math. She also has been studying the dimensions of teachers’ classroom assessment practices and their beliefs about providing their students with quality feedback and grading. Connecting these areas of research allows Dr. Chen to study the extent to which formative teacher feedback reinforces student SRL.

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2023 to 2026

Co-Principal Investigator, “Supporting STEM Student Retention through Development of a Sense of Belonging and Self-Regulated Learning Strategies,” National Science Foundations, IUSE, $300,000 (#2235705). Principal Investigator: Beth Wittig, City College, CUNY.

2018 to 2020

Co-Principal Investigator, “Integrating Formative Assessment of Computational Thinking with Self-Regulated Learning,” National Science Foundations, DRK12, $449,642 (#1813575). Principal Investigator: Sarah Bonner.

2015 to 2016

Principal Investigator, “Examining Preservice and Inservice Teachers’ Beliefs about Feedback and their Knowledge of Providing Effective Feedback,” PSC-CUNY Enhanced Research Grant, $12,000.