Melissa Jackson

Melissa Jackson

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Development and Learning: Diverse Children and Families Program (ECDL)
Monday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Dr. Melissa Jackson has been teaching in higher education for 10 years and has worked in schools, homes, and communities across New York City for over 17 years. She is passionate about working with young children with special needs, their families, and the professionals who collaborate with them. Melissa began her career as a teacher assistant and has taken on roles as a lead teacher, Program Director, and Director of Faculty Development in both public and private schools. Additionally, Melissa has served as a supervisor for early intervention providers and special educators in all five boroughs.

  • The City University of New York, Hunter College, Educational Doctorate (Ed.D) in Instructional Leadership
  • The City University of New York, Hunter College, Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • The City University of New York, Hunter College, Masters of Science in Early Childhood Special Education (M.S.Ed)
  • Nichols College, Bachelor of Arts in English
  • SPEDE 768: Fostering Development in Young Children w/ Diverse Abilities: Historical, Political, & Inclusive Perspectives
  • SPEDE 769: Evaluation, Assessment, & Program Planning for Infants & Young Children w/ Special Needs
  • SPEDE 776: Introductory Field Experience in Early Childhood Special Education
  • SPEDE 771: Autism Spectrum Disorder: Characteristics and Implications for Intervention
  • SPEDE 778: Initial Student Teaching in Early Childhood Special Education
  • SPEDE 779: Initial Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education

Dr. Jackson’s research interests are fueled by her experiences in early childhood educational settings and the higher education classroom. Her research interests include the relationship between practitioners’ self-efficacy and the implementation of evidence-based supports provided to children with special needs, building evidence to teach essential emergency response skills to children with Autism, collaboration with families, social validity, and professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers.

  • Jackson, M., We Interrupt this program: The move from in-person instruction to remote for special needs students during the time of Covid. (2022). In Shapiro, S.H. Interpreting COVID-19 through turbulence theory: Perspectives and cases from early childhood and special education. New York: Routledge.