Jeneca Parker-Tongue

Jeneca Parker

Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning and Leading (C-SELL)


With considerable experience ranging from early childhood to high school, Jeneca has served as Principal and Assistant Principal within New York City (NYC) Public Schools for over ten years, where she has demonstrated her strength in designing collaborative structures that support high-quality instruction for racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse students. As a proponent of social-emotional learning (SEL), she has built a strong culture in her schools. She also coaches adult learners to recognize and positively manage emotions to improve emotional intelligence as a component of effective school leadership. In 2023, she was awarded the Distinguished Principal Award of Manhattan by The Middle School Principal Association of New York City and national SEL Leadership award by BlackSEL.

In her role as the Director of the Hunter College Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning & Leading (C-SELL), Jeneca is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of college and citywide projects related to training and advocacy for Social Emotional Learning & Leading. The Collaborative integrates Social Emotional Learning into teacher and leadership education. Our mission is to help school systems create agents of change at every level of the system, from leader to student, who work together to co-create and transform school cultures where positive school-wide outcomes intersect with individual well-being, collective well-being, and equity. We do this by providing innovative certification programs, embodied leadership coaching, and teaming models to build staff and student agency so that belonging becomes the DNA of a school with authenticity and sustainability.

  • Pursuing Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership, Hunter College
  • Ed.M., Leadership for Educational Change: Focus on Special Education, Bank Street College, 2012
  • M.S.T., Childhood Education & Childhood Special Education, Pace University, 2009
  • B.A., International Development Studies, Furman University, 2007
  • ADSUP 716 – Leadership for School Reform
  • Transformative social-emotional learning (T-SEL) equity elaborations which include attending to issues of identity, agency, and belonging
  • Transformational school leadership in creating inclusive and equitable conditions for thriving
  • Risk and resilience processes