Erin Shay

Picture of Erin Shay

Director, Office of Partnership Programs
10th Floor West

Erin Shay has been with the School of Education since March 2013. She holds a BS in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Education from Bank Street College of Education. Prior to coming to Hunter, Erin taught middle school math and English in a public school in the Bronx and worked in educational non-profits. As director of the Office of Partnership Programs, Erin oversees the School of Education’s partnership programs including programs with New Visions for Public Schools, East Harlem Tutorial Program, Lincoln Center Education, New York Hall of Science, New-York Historical Society, New York City Teaching Fellows, Teach For America, and the New York City Department of Education.

What I do for students: Erin oversees management of the Office of Partnership Programs (OPP), ensuring alignment between OPP and other School of Education offices and departments so that students enrolled in our partnership programs receive the same level of high quality coordinated support as students in our traditional programs.

What I do for faculty: Erin works with the Dean’s office, chairs, and OPP staff members to provide support for faculty members who teach students enrolled in our partnership programs