Elizabeth Klein

Photo of Elizabeth Klein

Clinical Professor

Monday 4 to 7pm; Tuesday 3 to 4pm

I am the faculty leader/advisor for the District 75 Teaching Fellows and Collaborative program. I advise on clinical practices or the Childhood Special Education Behavior Disorders program, oversee fieldwork and clinical practices and am the founder of the Behavior Disorders (BD) Online Advanced Certification program.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Pratt Institute – Fine Art/Illustration
  • Masters of Science – Hunter College -Special Education – Learning Disabilities
  • Advanced Certification – Educational Leadership – Hunter College

Clinical Professor in Behavior Disorders and Coordinator of the Teaching Fellows andTeaching Collaborative program for D75.

I teach Reading and Writing methods courses and courses in Behavior and Classroom Management. My background in the field includes extensive years of teaching, serving as Dean, school administrator and curriculum specialist.

  • Teaching Reading to Students with Disabilities (SPED 781.5 and SPED 781)
  • Teaching Writing to Students with Disabilities SPED 724.5 and SPED 724
  • Classroom Management in Inclusive Settings SPED 702
  • PBIS SPEDE 772
  • Practicum
  • Restorative Practices
  • Restorative Justice
  • Social Emotional Learning and Literacy

CUNY Central Grant – Teaching Initiatives