Tammy Katan Brown

2021-2022 Gray Fellow


Tammy is honored and greatly interested in becoming a Transformative Leader within the “New Administrative Team” of the New York City Department of Education.

Currently, she is the Principal of Redwood Middle School, MSQ332 in Queens New York. Prior to taking on the principalship at Redwood Middle School, she was the principal of Walter Weaver Elementary school in Brooklyn, New York, 17K398 for seven years.

Tammy has demonstrated effective school leadership by working diligently to improve the professional growth of teachers and improve student outcomes. She sustains trusting relationships with her staff members through my visibility and availability for informal conversations. She has an open-door policy for staff, parents, and students. She is well-respected, well known within the community, and a valued leader.
Due to the recent global circumstances, Tammy has been encouraged to be a true leader that rises above the circumstances. She has shown herself to be capable and prepared to lead within the Department of Education to higher levels of efficiency. She prides herself on her daily abilities and capacities to communicate, share her vision, encourage stakeholders to work as a team, and embrace change. She is a transformative leader.

Tammy is committed to the success of all students through vibrant, standards-based instruction and will help move the students of this city to higher levels. She once read that “vision without action is just a dream, action without vision is just movement. Vision and action must work together.” She possesses both vision and action. She is Polaris- The light for the students of NYCDOE.