Ryan Branch

Photo of Ryan Branch

Gray Fellow 2020-2021


Ryan Branch was born in Georgetown, Guyana November 8, 1979. He is currently in his 18th year in the DOE and is approaching his 4th year as the Principal of Community Voices Middle School in Queens, NY. Ryan’s younger autistic brother and daughter have inspired him to become an educator. Additionally, while growing up, he had only encountered 2 black males as educators and decided to change that narrative for his students and reinforce the importance of representation. As a tactile/visual learner, most of his hobbies involve manipulating items (chess, DJing, home renovations, fitness, etc.) which he shares with his students and staff to build relationships as well as to encourage them to become multi-faceted, competitive, and impactful to their communities. Ryan constantly seeks new challenges, and he is currently a doctoral candidate at St. John’s University. Ryan is excited to participate in the Gray Fellowship for Principal Excellence to interact with other influential leaders and further advance his leadership skills.