Nalini Singh

2021-2022 Gray Fellow


Dr. Nalini Singh is currently the Principal of Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy, located in the Bronx, New York. With over 29 years in the New York City School system and most of her career as an administrator within the Bronx area, Dr. Singh’s goal is to continue to educate students, providing them with opportunities to enhance their critical thinking, whilst giving them access to becoming civic citizens.

Dr. Singh graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Doctor of Education, Administrative and Instructional Leadership, focus in Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Singh believes that students’ achievement is ultimately affected by the emotional intelligence of their principal; the leader’s disposition affects culture and teachers’ self-efficacy, which directly impacts student achievement.

As a lifelong learner and educator, Dr. Singh partners with various community organizations to further her work in the field of education either through research or through her work in education administration. One of her achievements as a leader was to implement Restorative Practices in the school community and this initiative has given students the skills to be Mentors and Peace Ambassadors, whereas taking on leadership roles in the school community, as well as, their daily lives.

Dr. Singh believes that social emotional and mindfulness learning is needed as we embark on the re-opening of in-person learning. Our students need to feel safe in their environment as they re-acclimate themselves to learning. The adults, in the school community, must create that safe space for our children.