Michele Luard

Photo of Michele Luard

2021-22 Gray Fellow


Dr. Michele Luard is a New York City Department of Education Middle School Principal in Brooklyn, NY. She has a B.S in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from City University of New York, along with an MS in Microbiology (Medical Science) from the University of Guyana. She has a M.Ed. in Science Education from Pace University of New York. She holds a second master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Touro College. Additionally, she has earned a doctoral degree at Sage College Esteves School of Education. Prior to becoming an educator Michele has spent several years as a medical research laboratory technologist and a research scientist. The sign on the subway that said “Do you remember your third grade teacher’s name.” caused Michele to consider a career change. After deep consideration Michele became a New York City Educator, teaching High School Chemistry. Michele is married to Dr. Charles a NYC administrator and mothers two adult children and one teenager. For hobbies, Michelle enjoys sports especially athletics and dancing