Jonathan Lee

2022-2023 Gray Fellow


As an educator with over 20 years of experience in the Department of Education, I am a staunch advocate for equity by providing quality education while closing the achievement gaps with urgency. As the Principal our work must always be focused on increasing opportunities and access for our children, while simultaneously working toward impacting teacher pedagogy and practice. It means that we must provide a well-rounded education for our children in preparing them for the work demands of the 21st century. We must answer the question of “how will children know what they love if they have not had a myriad of experiences?” We must work towards providing a robust arts education to build those experiences ranging from ballroom dancing to horticulture with farm to table concept, and healthy living and exercise through basketball, track and field, and step. We must expose our children to coding, chess, word processing, typing, and platforms such as google to prepare our children for the work demands. These experiences will ultimately build a solid foundation and a positive association for learning, to ultimately create our leaders of tomorrow.