Jennifer Alexander Ade

Photo of Jennifer Alexander Ade

Gray Fellow 2020-2021


It has been Jennifer’s honor to serve as the principal of PS 46 Bronx for the past 12 years. At PS 46 they believe in nurturing the whole child. Their motto is “Achieving Excellence One Student at a Time”. Striving to know each student as an individual and helping them to be their best selves is a major priority. Students care about their learning and achievements and make more of an effort when they feel valued.

The very important work of Social Emotional Learning and teaching self-care is embraced at PS 46. Teaching and learning begin with being in the right frame of mind, and that is for our students and all stakeholders. It is our responsibility to teach character, empathy, and self-care in tandem with Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Jennifer is pleased to lead that charge and be the epitome of teaching with heart for every member of her school community.