Jared Kreiner

Photo of Jared Kreiner

2021-2022 Gray Fellow


Jared Kreiner is a proud father of two and the Principal of P.S. 121 The Throop School, a District 11 Elementary School in the Bronx. Born and raised in Queens, NY, Jared is honored to serve in the NYC Public School System where he received his education. Jared began his career as a Special Education teacher at P.S 89 in 1998 and assumed the role of Assistant Principal in 2010. An alumnus of the NYC Leadership Academy Aspiring Principals Program and Harvard School of Education Urban Leadership program, Jared strives to constantly improve his craft as an educator and leader. Jared is proud to consider himself a mentee of current NYC Department of Education Chancellor, Meisha Ross-Porter, who designed and supervised the District 11’s AP Intensive where he trained for two years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook and a Master’s in Education from Dowling College. Jared is an enthusiastic instructional leader who has cultivated a strong belief system in his school community that emphasizes positive relationships with children as a key component to their success. He is passionate about his core values of high expectations for all children and creating equitable experiences for the students of his school community.