Jaivelle A. Reed

Photo of Jaivelle Reed

2019-2020 Gray Fellow


Jaivelle A. Reed was appointed in 2017 as the principal of Chelsea CTE High School, located in the SoHo section of Manhattan.  As a CTE school, its mission is to prepare students to be lifelong learners who think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate meaningfully via career & technical education, academic, and advanced placement curricula.  Student success is Jaivelle’s mission, and he has embarked on a journey of adaptive leadership, transformative reflection, and collaborative partnership with his school community to ensure all students are successful.  Before becoming principal at Chelsea CTE, Jaivelle served as the Assistant Principal of Organization & Supervision at Leadership & Public Service High School in lower Manhattan; Assistant Principal of Career & Technical Education at Samuel Gompers High School in the South Bronx; Teacher, Senior Advisor, and Yearbook Coordinator. Jaivelle hopes to gain new insights and knowledge that will propel his leadership practice, ultimately leading to greater school cohesion and improved student outcomes.