Catherine Mitchell

Photo of Catherine Mitchell

Gray Fellow 2020-21


Catherine Mitchell loves supporting students and schools in making progress, and she has done this over the past 18 years as English teacher, assistant principal, and principal. She is a graduate of Brown University, Teachers College at Columbia University and Baruch University. In 2016, she became principal of the Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn, a school focused on empowering young women. When she arrived there, students and staff expressed pride in the school’s strong foundation and a desire to keep improving. Catherine then worked with teams of teachers to enhance school systems and culture in ways that showed meaningful progress, including doubling the school’s college readiness rate in her first two years as principal. She promotes the idea of students being leaders now, and has supported many students in starting clubs and initiatives, including a movement led by the Muslim Student Association that successfully introduced more uniform options and a an initiative led by the Environmental Action Club that improved the school’s recycling. Catherine is constantly inspired by students, staff, and families, and she looks forward to continuing to grow as she works with them.