2 years ago

Spencer Foundation Conference Grant Awarded to Catherine Voulgarides

Dr. Catherine Kramarczuk Voulgarides (Principal Investigator), Maria Cioè-Peña (Co-Principal Investigator) and Rachel Fish (Co-Principal Investigator) have been awarded a Spencer Foundation conference grant entitled: “Envisioning an Interdisciplinary Future for Special Education and Gifted Racial Equity Research.” They will convene at Roosevelt House approximately 18 early-career researchers representing a diverse set of academic disciplines, geographical locations, and positionalities, to articulate a visionary agenda for the future of equity-focused special and gifted education research.

Dr. Kramarczuk Voulgarides and her collaborators’ stated goal is to “…transcend the dominant equity conversation in special education research, which has largely focused on the issue of racial disproportionality and has become polarized around the debate surrounding disproportionality’s presence or absence. We hope that the proposed conference will provide opportunities for participants to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue centered on pressing issues related to equity in special and gifted education, and to develop a specific vision for moving the new generation of special and gifted education research beyond current horizons.”