4 years ago

Dr. Sarika Gupta: Latest Publications

A central question guides Dr. Gupta research agenda: “How can systems support teachers to implement preschool inclusion?” This question allows her to examine factors that influence the quality of teachers’ practices, from self to system.

Dr. Gupta has published and presented on four interdisciplinary areas toward this aim: 1) applying a strengths-focused orientation to guide change and implementation, 2) using design thinking to encourage teacher confidence for preschool inclusion; 3) examining teacher well-being in inclusive preschool settings; and 4) supporting the development of self-care practices among teachers.

Gupta, S. S. (OnlineFirst). Engaging young children and families as design partners in the learning process: Reflections from an inclusive preschool classroom in Washington, DC. Childhood Explorer. Available at childhoodexplorer.org 

Gupta, S. S. (OnlineFirst). Why aren’t we talking about teacher well-being with inclusion? Young Exceptional Children. doi: 10.1177/1096250619846581

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