5 years ago

Dr. Debbie Sonu: New Publications and Works in Progress

This summer, Dr. Debbie Sonu (Curriculum and Teaching) published two single-authored book chapters, launched a special issue, and was invited by the Dean of the CUNY School of Professional Studies to serve as the Academic Community Leader for their Youth Studies Program this Fall 2019.

Book chapters include an invited entry entitled “Social Justice” for Key Concepts in Curriculum Studies: Perspectives on the Fundamentals (Routledge, 2019) and a theoretical exploration of exclusion/inclusion entitled, “The Outsider Within: Using Sara Ahmed’s Stranger to Understand the Simultaneity of Inclusion and Exclusion” for Essays on Exclusion: Our Critical Collective Journey Toward Equity in Education (Sense Publishers, 2019).

She is currently working on a special issue of The New Educators Journal with Dr. Haeny Yoon, entitled “Culturally Constructed Childhood(s): Expanding the Meaning of the Child in Teacher Education.”