Schools Program Liaison

Posted 5 months ago

Practice is a mission-driven business that believes in the power of public schools to build the next generation of urban-educated leaders. We are a New York City-based B-Corp that partners with principals, teachers, and parents to close the opportunity gap in urban schools. Practice’s groundbreaking approach seeks to level the playing field by reimagining what is possible for urban students. Our work has been praised by global leaders, national news outlets and local politicians.


The team steers the company to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of products and services possible as we scale to serve more children and schools. You’ll play a role in supporting the impact that we hope to see in this world. Within your role and responsibilities as a Liaison you will be expected to:

  • Reports to the Sales Associate or any person designated by PRACTICE.
  • EC program meeting prior to launch with Supervisor.
  • Review reporting sheets weekly for completion/revenue delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Teacher Satisfaction Survey.
  • Notify school of any EC absences immediately upon receiving that notification from a supervisor.
  • Update weekly program quality/status report .
  • Bi-Weekly quality check-in email to school admin.
  • Attend weekly program huddle.
  • Impact Reports as needed/requested by schools.
  • Maintain EC schedules within schools.
  • Create School Channel in Slack.
  • Provide feedback to Supervisors on EC performance.
  • Maintain, update and communicate KPIs.
  • Support the Sales Associate in driving revenue for the organization by launching new programs, and recognizing opportunities for upselling and/or extending existing programs.
  • Manage key school relationships once programs have launched.
  • Design program calendars, work with schools to identify targeted students and partner with recruiting to staff programs.
  • Attend relevant in person school launches, visits, meetings, and principal conferences.
  • Accept and provide feedback to best collaborate with the Sales Associate.
  • Take ownership of projects/programs.
  • Collaborate across internal teams using project management software (I.e., PRACTICE software, Asana, Air Table, etc.) to coordinate recruitment, set up, and ensure program delivery.
  • Troubleshoot issues timely and effectively as they arise.
  • Embody our core values of Entrepreneurship, Conscious Capitalism, Revolutionary Change and Excellence.


  • A BS/BA degree from an accredited college/university or relevant work experience
  • Associate (Required)
  • Leadership: 1 year (Required)
  • Management: 1 year (Required)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software
  • Leadership and management experience required

Please visit PRACTICE Benefit Corp. to apply.

Job Details

Job CategoryAdolescent Grades 7-12, Childhood, Early Childhood, Educational Psychology, Other
Organization/School NamePRACTICE Benefit Corp.
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