Excellence thru Collaborative Educational Leadership (ExCEL)


Designed to support any school to improve, ExCEL brings together a school leadership team and works with this unit to engage in continuous improvement for their school. Based on the individual school’s data, strengths and needs these school leadership teams focus on improving student outcomes, building the collective efficacy of teacher and leader teams and revising school-level systems to ensure all students excel. This innovative program is competency-based, creating the time and space for teams to learn the work of leading change by doing the work of leading change.

Credits: 12

Certification: School District Leader

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

  • Participants must have valid SBL certification*
  • Participants embrace a learning stance and willingness to collaborate
  • Participants apply as part of a school team of at least 3 members, including the Principal

*If principals would like to have teacher leaders without SBL certification participate on their team, please contact Kath Smith for details.

For more information

Kath Smith, Director of ExCEL

Lucia Rutter