School of Education Graduation Celebration


Watch the Recording of the Ceremony

Graduation Celebration Program

In lieu of a printed program, please enjoy the online Graduation Celebration Program which contains ceremony information, awards and honors, and graduating students names.

May 31st – Day of Instructions for Graduating Students and Guests

Arrival Times for Graduating Students

Students should plan to arrive for robing at the staggered times and locations based on their program.

Please note guests are not allowed in the student robing area.

3 pm

  • EdD in Instructional Leadership: 8th Floor West

3:30 pm

  • Adolescent Education: West Building Lobby
  • Childhood Education: West Building Lobby
  • Counseling: Glass Cafe
  • Creative Arts Education: West Building Lobby
  • Early Childhood Education: West Building Lobby
  • Literacy Education: West Building Lobby

4 pm

  • Bilingual Education: 7th Floor West
  • Educational Psychology: 7th Floor West
  • School Leadership (ADSUP): 7th Floor West
  • Special Education: 3rd Floor Large Cafeteria
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): 3rd Floor Large Cafeteria

Arrival Times for In-Person Guests: 3:30 pm

Doors to the North Assembly Hall located on 69th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues open for guests. Guests are not allowed in the robing area.

Bags and Personal Belongings

Graduating students may not leave any bags or belongings in the robing area. There will not be a bag check. You must hold on to all personal belongings. The celebration will begin with your walk across the stage where your name will be read, and only after that will you take your seat. Anything you are carrying will have to be carried across the stage.

Guest Ticketing and Seating

Your guests should have printed tickets to be scanned for entry to the North Assembly Hall located on 69th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues. Your instructions to claim guest tickets was sent in an email.

Seating is General Admission, and seats are not assigned or reserved. Guests will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open for guests at 3:30 pm.

Guests are not permitted to remain in the venue or on campus after the ceremony. Guests should plan to meet their graduating students at a designated point off-campus.

Graduating students do not need a ticket.

How Graduation Celebration Will Work

Before the Ceremony

Graduate Student Robing

Graduating students should plan to arrive at robing based on their assigned times and locations. Please review the How to Wear Your Commencement Regalia instructional video.

Students will prepare for the celebration, receive final instructions, and organize into groups in order to march to the venue.

Guests are not permitted into student robing.

Name Cards

After checking in at student robing, you will be issued an index card with your name on it. Each graduating student must have one of these cards. This is the card from which your name will be read out loud as you cross the stage.

March to the Venue

Shortly before the celebration is about to begin, graduating students and faculty will begin to organize to begin the procession. Faculty will lead the procession, followed by graduates. The staff will be there to guide you.

The Ceremony

Walking into the Venue

The celebration opens with the presentation of graduates. This is where you are presented as a graduate, have your name read, walk across the stage, have a photo taken with Dean Tuten, and take your seat.

Pictures During the Ceremony

You will have professional photos taken of you three times during the celebration:

  • just before your name is called
  • with the dean
  • as you exit the stage

Guests are to remain in their seats during the ceremony. You will be able to access these photos after the celebration.

Exiting the Venue – Recessional of Faculty and Graduates

At the conclusion of the celebration, ushers will lead you out. Guests will remain in their seats until all graduates have exited.

After the Ceremony

Graduates may not remain in the Assembly Hall Lobby after the celebration, and will not be able to meet their family or friends on campus. Please designate an off campus location to meet up with your guests.

Here are some ideas for a rendezvous point:

  • Outside along 69th street, between Park and Lexington
  • In front of Hunter’s Entrance on Park Avenue, between 68th and 69th
  • In Central Park, which is a short walk away

Please Note

  • The sale of Graduation Celebration tickets is strictly prohibited.
  • Attending the Commencement Ceremony or Graduation Celebration and inclusion in the virtual program merely indicates that an individual is a candidate for graduation, and may not be used as proof of completion of the degree requirements.

Caps and Gowns

Order your cap and gown via Shakespeare & Co.

Support and Accommodations

Should you or your guest require special accommodations, please fill out the Graduation Celebration Accessibility Request form. There will be sign language interpreters at the ceremony.

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