Blind and Visually Impaired – Orientation and Mobility (Advanced Certificate) Course Sequence and Program Tracker


Academic Plan: ORMOB-AC

Summer Start


  • SPED 76800 – Intermediate Orientation and Mobility: Lab and Seminar (3 credits)

Fall Semester 1


  • SPED 76500 – Intermediate Orientation and Mobility (3 credits, includes Fieldwork hours)
  • COUNR 73000 – Counseling with the Aging (3 credits)

Spring Semester 1


  • SPED 76600 – Advanced Orientation and Mobility (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • SPED 74900 – Orientation and Mobility for Students with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)

Summer Session 1


  • SPED 76900 – Advanced Orientation and Mobility Lab and Seminar (3 credits)

Fall Semester 2


  • SPED 76700 – Orientation and Mobility: Internship/Seminar (3 credits)

Apply for


Students must apply for graduation the semester before their planned graduation. Refer to the Graduation and Commencement page for full policies and procedures.


Students must apply for certification in their final semester. Refer to the Certification page for requirements and step by step instructions