Bilingual Extension for Pupil Personnel Services (Advanced Certificate) Course Sequence and Program Tracker – Full-Time – Spring Start


Academic Plan: BPPSRVS-AC

This is a suggested full-time course sequence for students who begin their program in Spring semester.

After being accepted

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  • COCO 71900 – Individual Supervision (KC)

Semester 1 – Spring


  • COCO 71900 – Individual Supervision (KC) (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
    • This course requires a grade of B or better to pass.
  • BILED 75500 – Bilingual Development, Assessment, and Instruction (3 credits)


  • Students who began the program prior to Fall 2023 may have taken BILED 71700 – Language Assessment for English Lang. Learners (3 credits) in lieu of BILED 75500.

Summer Session

  • BILED 70100 – Foundations of Bilingual Education (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)

Semester 2 – Fall


  • BILED 77900 – Multicultural Education (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • COCO 70700 – Multicultural Aspects of Counseling (3 credits)

Required Exams

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Students must apply for graduation the semester before their planned graduation. Refer to the Graduation and Commencement page for full policies and procedures.


Students must apply for certification in their final semester. Refer to the Certification page for requirements.