Bilingual Early Childhood Education (MSEd) Course Sequence and Program Tracker – Full-Time – Fall Start


Academic Plan: ECBB2-MSED

This is a suggested full-time course sequence for students who begin their program in the Fall semester.

Students who graduate from their teacher preparation programs in Fall 2023 or later, will be required to complete a teacher preparation assessment (TPA) as a requirement for program completion. As of April 2022, the Hunter College School of Education is reviewing the options for the teacher preparation assessment (TPA) and we will have more information available for students in the coming months.

Semester 1 – Fall


  • BILED 70100 – Foundations of Bilingual Education (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • ECF 70000 – Child Development: Birth to Age Eight (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • ECF 70100 – Social and Historical Contexts of Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • ECC 71400 – Health, Safety and Nutrition in Early Childhood (3 credits)

Winter Session


  • ECC 71500 – Educational Technology in Early Childhood (1 credit)

Semester 2 – Spring


  • ECC 70300 – Early Childhood Curriculum: Birth through Grade 2 (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours in PreK setting)
  • ECC 71300 – The Expressive Arts in Early Childhood (3 credits)
  • BILED 77100 – Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching (2 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • And take either:
    • BILED 77800 – Instruction Through the Native Language-Spanish (3 credits, includes fieldwork); OR
    • BILED 76800 – Instruction Through the Native Language-French (3 credits, includes fieldwork); OR
    • BILED 76900 – Instruction Through the Native Language-Chinese (3 credits, includes fieldwork)


Required Exams

Prior to student teaching, students must take the following exams:

  • Content Specialty Tests (CST): Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2)
  • Educating All Students (EAS) Exam – Students must pass before applying for Student Teaching.

For more information regarding exams, including when and where you can take the, visit the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations website.

Semester 3 – Fall


  • BILED 77900 – Multicultural Education (3 credits)
  • ECF 70200 – Assessment in Early Childhood Education: Birth through Grade 2 (3 credits)
  • ECC 70600 – Language and Literacy: K through Grade 2 (3 credits)
  • BILED 71150 – Fieldwork in Bilingual Literacy (KC) (1 credit, includes fieldwork hours in grades 1 or 2)
  • And take either:
    • BILED 71100 – Bilingual Literacy-Spanish (KC) (2 credits); OR
    • BILED 71200 – Bilingual Literacy-French (KC) (2 credits); OR
    • BILED 71300 – Bilingual Literacy-Chinese (KC) (2 credits)


Required Exams and Workshops

  • Bilingual Education Assessments (BEA) Exam – Students must take the BEA exam prior to graduation. Visit the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations website for more information.
  • Dignity for All Students (DASA) Workshop – In addition to the Certification Exams, students must complete the Dignity for All Students (DASA) workshop prior to graduation. The DASA workshop can be completed at Hunter College or outside of Hunter College.

Semester 4 – Spring


  • ECC 70500 – Language & Literacy: Birth through Kindergarten (3 credits)
  • ECC 70900 – Mathematics and Scientific Thinking in Early Childhood (3 credits)
  • ECC 70800 – Children with Special Needs: Birth through Grade 2 (3 credits, includes fieldwork hours)
  • ECC 71200 – Pre-Student Teaching Field Placements in Early Childhood (KC) (3 credit, includes fieldwork in PreK)

Apply For

Student Teaching / Practicum

Students must apply for student teaching/practicum. Refer to the Fieldwork page for full policies and procedures.

Semester 5 – Fall


Students must prepare a portfolio of materials during their student teaching clinical experience to demonstrate readiness to teach including lesson plans and unedited video recordings of themselves at work in the classroom.

  • ECC 72000 – Integrative Seminar in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • Take:
    • ECC 71650 – Student Teaching in Early Childhood Setting Bilingual Setting (KC) (3 credits);
  • Or both of the following:
    • ECC 71750 – Supervised Practicum in Early Childhood Bilingual Setting (KC) (1 credit)
    • ECC 71850 – Early Childhood Bilingual Student Teaching (KC) (1 credit)

Apply For


Students must apply for graduation the semester before their planned graduation. Refer to the Graduation and Commencement page for full policies and procedures.


Students must apply for certification in their final semester. Refer to the Certification page for requirements.