Yonkers Teacher Academy – Adolescent Special Education (MSEd)


COVID-19 Guidelines for Clinical Experiences

Students must follow COVID-19 protocols determined by the host organization or school.

First Summer – Pre-Service Fieldwork

As required by New York State law governing alternative certification programs, you will participate in pre-service fieldwork during your first summer. Placement for pre-service summer fieldwork is managed by Yonkers Public Schools.

First and Second Year

As a participant in the Yonkers Teacher Academy program, you are required to be hired by a high-need Yonkers Public School as a full-time teacher in your certification area. Once you begin teaching, all fieldwork requirements can be completed in your capacity as a full-time teacher. You are not required to complete additional fieldwork beyond your full-time teaching position.

Learning Lab

As a participant in the Yonkers Teacher Academy program you will enroll in Learning Lab during your second year. Learning Lab is a required year-long clinical experience embedded in SPED 777. This lab draws on the lectures and materials from the methods courses in your program. In this clinical teaching practicum, you will be required to tutor a student with an IEP twice weekly to address individualized goals of the student and practice use of specialized, research based methods for students with disabilities. This tutoring must take place outside of regular class time. You will receive specific information and support about the tutoring requirements in your SPED 777 courses. You will tutor a student at your school and participate in a hybrid seminar. Per the Hunter College School of Education progress standards, you must receive a grade of at least a B in Learning Lab. If you receive a grade of B- or lower you must apply to the department chair for permission to retake the course. Students who earn an F in Learning Lab will not be allowed to continue in the program.