Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (MSEd)


Clinical Experiences: Practicum and Internship

Hunter College Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program students are required to complete two fieldwork experiences during their academic program: practicum and internship.

For information on the courses associated with these fieldwork experiences, consult the course catalog in conjunction with the course sequence and program tracker.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Clinical Experiences

Students must follow COVID-19 protocols determined by the host organization or school.


Practicum is a one-semester placement, which may be completed in the fall or spring semester. Practicum requires students to be in the field a minimum of 100 hours per semester (approximately one full day each week). There are two corresponding courses required to register for during the practicum semester.


Upon successful completion of practicum, students are eligible to start internship, their second fieldwork experience during their academic program. Internship is a two-consecutive semester placement, which starts in the fall semester and is completed in the spring semester. Internship requires students to be in the field a minimum of 300 hours per semester (approximately three full days each week). There is one corresponding course required to register for during each internship semester.


Each program has a Clinical Placement Specialist to work with students regarding fieldwork and supervised teaching.

Clinical Placement Specialist