NYC Teaching Collaborative – Childhood Special Education D75 (MSEd)


COVID-19 Guidelines for Clinical Experiences

Students must follow COVID-19 protocols determined by the host organization or school.

First Summer – Pre-Service Fieldwork

As required by New York State law governing alternative certification programs, you will participate in pre-service fieldwork during your first summer. You will be placed in a NYC Teaching Collaborative Training Academy hosted by an New York City summer school. Pre-Service Training (PST) is managed by the NYC Teaching Collaborative office.

First and Second Year

As a participant in the NYC Teaching Collaborative program, you are required to be hired by a high-need New York City public school as a full-time teacher in your certification area. Once you begin teaching, all fieldwork requirements can be completed in your capacity as a full-time teacher. You are not required to complete additional fieldwork beyond your full-time teaching position.


Participants in the NYC Teaching Collaborative Childhood Special Education D75 program engage in a four semester practicum experience. The practicum seminar and accompanying fieldwork is designed to support professional growth for new teachers entering the field in New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) District 75 sites. Each semester, teacher candidates enroll in a practicum seminar course and are observed in the field by a fieldwork supervisor.

The first and second semesters focus on supporting teacher candidates in the areas of instruction, assessment, and setting up a positive and inclusive classroom culture for diverse learners in D75 settings. The third semester focuses on continuing to develop instructional practice and professional growth, including preparation for edTPA. The fourth semester supports the refinement of reflective teaching practices and instructional growth, and will also include support as teacher candidates submit edTPA. The practicum course is a Key Performance Course, and teacher candidates must maintain a B or higher in all practicum courses.