Educational Psychology (MA)


Clinical Experiences: Fieldwork, Student Teaching, Practicum

Students in the Educational Psychology (MA) program do not participate in developmental field experiences (fieldwork) or supervised teaching (student teaching and/or practicum).

However, some electives will include fieldwork as part of the course requirements. Consult the course catalog for complete information. Meet with your faculty advisor to determine your particular course of study before registering for classes.

Course Catalog

Review the course descriptions, progress standards, and exit requirements in the Course Catalog based on start date.

Course Catalog Summer 2022 onward

Course Catalog prior to Summer 2022

Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

We know that there are many unanswered questions. As the public health emergency around us is evolving daily we are committed to providing you with information and guidance as it becomes available. For up-to-date information visit the School of Education COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Updates page.


Fieldwork is a classroom experience in conjunction with your course.


For elective courses requiring less than 10 hours of fieldwork, students should consult with their course instructor for placement procedures after attending class.