Educational Leadership – SBL/SDL (MSEd)


Clinical Experiences: Fieldwork, Student Teaching, Practicum

Students in the Educational Leadership – SBL/SDL (MSEd) program complete 600 hours of field work/internship hours across three components.

For a full list of fieldwork/internship requirements consult the course catalog and your course sequence guides. Meet with your faculty advisor to determine your particular course of study before registering for classes.

Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

We know that there are many unanswered questions. As the public health emergency around us is evolving daily we are committed to providing you with information and guidance as it becomes available. For up-to-date information visit the School of Education COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Updates page.

Course Catalog

Course Sequence and Program Tracker

Component 1

All classes within the Leadership program include fieldwork experiences as a requirement of the course. 200 of the fieldwork/internship hours will be completed during your first seven classes.

Component 2

During your first three semesters, all students will conduct 200 hours of fieldwork experiences either in your place of employment or another school or district site. These are not assigned to a specific class, but to the overall program. These 200 hours will then be added to the 200 hours from the internship seminar class, ADSUP 751.

Component 3

During your final semester, you will enroll in ADSUP 751. In this class you will conduct 200 hours of fieldwork under the guidance of both your class instructor as well as an internship supervisor who will visit you in the field.

Placement for Components 1-3

Students complete all components at their current worksite or a site approved by the Education Leadership program. If placement is required, students will be placed by Program Coordinator Dr. Marcia Knoll at a Hunter College School of Education partner site.