Adolescent Latin (MA)


Students in the Adolescent Latin (MA) program participate in developmental field experiences (fieldwork), and supervised teaching (student teaching and/or practicum).

Students must apply for supervised teaching (student teaching and/or practicum) and select fieldwork experiences. For application, registration, and placement procedures see below.

Fieldwork and Supervised Teaching Requirements

For a full list of fieldwork and supervised teaching (student teaching and/or practicum) requirements consult the course catalog in conjunction with the course sequence and program trackers. The course catalog provides descriptions detailing fieldwork requirements per course, important progress standards, and exit requirements based on matriculation date. Students must meet with the faculty advisor to determine their particular course of study before registering for classes.

Security Clearance Requirements

Students must obtain fingerprint clearance to complete fieldwork and student teaching and/or practicum.


Fieldwork is a classroom experience in a New York City Public School in conjunction with a course. Select courses have fieldwork requirements.

Supervised: Student Teaching/Practicum

Students participate in supervised teaching (student teaching and/or practicum) as the culmination of their course of study. Student teaching and/or practicum requires five full days per week for one semester. Students are observed by Hunter College Clinical Supervisors throughout the semester. Students may complete practicum in their current job if it is aligned with their pending certification/area of study.