Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (MSEd)


Students in this program may take the national certification examination for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) status after completing 75% of their course work.

Certified Rehabilitation counselors (CRCs) are the only professional counselors educated and trained at the graduate-level who possess the specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes to work collaboratively with individuals with disabilities. Through a comprehensive unique counseling process, rehabilitation counselors help individuals with disabilities achieve their personal, social, psychological, career, and independent living goals. Rehabilitation counselors are the bridge between the individual and self-sufficiency, helping their clients live fully integrated lives.

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification is the gold standard. Certified Rehabilitation counselors (CRCs) are the highly sought-after rehabilitation counseling experts. They possess insights and dedication to achieve successful rehabilitation outcomes, offer a dynamic level of focus to serve individuals in need of rehabilitation services addressing personal, social, and vocational goals.

Eligibility and Requirements