Ruth A. Rose

Lecturer in Educational Foundations

Ruth Rose is trained in anthropology (BA ’66) and linguistics (MA ’68), receiving both degrees from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She has taught at Southern Illinois University, New York University and John Jay College for Criminal Justice/CUNY. Since 1976, Ms. Rose has been on the faculty of Hunter College first, in the Department of Academic Skills and now in the Department of Educational Foundations and Counseling Programs.


Ms. Rose’s teaching career has extended from teaching the fundamentals of expository writing to courses in Diversity in American Education and currently, The Social, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of American Education. While each of these courses contain different content and focus, taken together they contribute to the overall educational goal of enculturating the individual into society.


Ms. Rose’s earlier research has focused on the use of non-standard English grammatical structures in student essays to indicate individual choice and ethnic solidarity, the manipulation of segregation for group achievement and most recently, the impact of racially restrictive laws in education on the majority European American population. Out of this interest in ethnohistorical research has come two general interest books: Norfolk, Virginia (2000) and Norfolk: A People’s History. (2007)