Markus Bidell

Associate Professor of Counseling

Dr. Bidell is an Associate Professor in the graduate Counseling Program at Hunter College and at the CUNY Graduate Center in the Clinical Psychology Program at Queens College. He is a Board Member and former Director of Hunter’s LGBT Social Science and Public Policy Center; a Faculty Associate at Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College; and, a Founding Member & International Scientific Committee Member for the International Academy of LGBT Psychology and Related Fields. Dr. Bidell also sits on the editorial boards of two peer-reviewed journals, including Sexuality Research and Social Policy and the Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development. Dr. Bidell earned a Master of Arts in Counseling at Sonoma State University and a Doctorate in Combined Psychology (Clinical/Counseling/School) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In New York State, he holds a Permanent Certification in School Counseling and is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Prior to coming to Hunter College in 2007, Dr. Bidell was a faculty member at the CACREP accredited counseling programs at San Francisco State University and the University of New Mexico.


Dr. Bidell has over 20 years of experience as a counselor educator and clinical supervisor. He teaches mental health, school, and rehabilitation counseling students in both applied and clinical courses. Regardless of the type of course or the student’s counseling specialization, his goal is the same–to facilitate the development of students into professional, ethical, mindful, effectual, and multiculturally competent counselors. Being an applied discipline, Dr. Bidell strives to integrate theory with counseling practice. The need to do so is underscored by the formidable counseling environment facing students today–rising caseloads, multifaceted client problems, co-occurring mental disorders, and fiscal constraints for counseling and mental health services. Dr. Bidell’s commitment to teaching, supervising, and mentoring counseling students at Hunter College was the basis for being awarded the New York State Mental Health Counseling Association’s Counselor Educator and Supervisor Award.


Dr. Bidell’s research focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health disparities and clinical competence. He created the Sexual Orientation Counselor Competency Scale (SOCCS; Bidell, 2005), one of the first psychometrically valid and reliable LGB self-assessments for mental health providers and trainees. The SOCCS has been an integral tool in Dr. Bidell’s research and has also been used nationally and internationally as a primary outcome variable in numerous research studies.

Dr. Bidell’s current research includes the exploration of LGBT clinical competence within an interdisciplinary and international context. He was awarded the highly competitive 2014-2015 Regents Fulbright Scholar Award and completed a teaching and research program in the United Kingdom focusing on LGBT clinical competence. During his Fulbright, Dr. Bidell was an invited lecturer and keynote speaker across the UK and EU. He recently developed and published a new interdisciplinary and international healthcare LGBT self-assessment, the LGBT- Clinical Development of Skills Scale. He also co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Homosexuality that examines LGBT clinical competence, training, and professional ethics. In addition to his focus on LGBT mental health disparities and practitioner cultural competence, Dr. Bidell lectures on and writes about the intersection between mental health research and public policy.

Dr. Bidell is on the boards of the following journals:

  • Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, Editorial Board (1/2018 – Present)
  • Sexuality Research and Social Policy, Editorial Board (3/2013 – Present)
  • Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development, Permeant Member (8/2018 – Present)

Additionally, Dr. Bidell was appointed to the Consulting Elders Circle for Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development, a peer-reviewed journal focused on multicultural interests in counseling and human development.


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Presidential Fund for Faculty Advancement, 2016 Agency: Hunter College Presidential Grant Competition Proposal Title: The Development & Psychometric Validation of LGBT Clinical Competency Scales for Primary Health and Mental Health Providers

Regent’s University Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences Research Fund Award, January 2015 Agency: Regent’s University Proposal Title: Proposal: Investigating LGBT education and counselling competency within the United Kingdom Fulbright Scholar Inter-Country Lecture Programe Award, 2015 Organization: Portugal

Fulbright Commission Description: Selected and funded to give an invited address at ISPA – University Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

European Union Brussels & Luxembourg Summit Seminar Representative Award, 2015 Organization: EU Fulbright Commission & Commission for Educational Exchange (US, Belgium, & Luxembourg) Description: Selected by US/UK Fulbright Commission as representative to the EU Brussels & Luxembourg Summit

Regent’s University Fulbright Scholar Award, 2014-2015 Organization: J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Description: The Regent’s Award is an All Discipline Award with applications sought from all academic disciplines Title: The Nexus of Social Science, Education, and Public Policy – Redressing International LGBT Psychosocial Inequalities and Mental Health Disparities